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My father was Chester C. Schliep (1919–2007).  He was born and raised in Fairfield, Nebraska, but spent the last 75 plus years of his life in Albany, Oregon.  He and his best friend and future brother‐in‐law, Claude Cosler, enlisted in the Coast Artillery Corps in Ft. Stevens, Oregon on January 1, 1942.  After one year's training there, he was sent to Camp Haan in Riverside, California where he served in Battery A of the 567th Battalion of the U.S. Army for the rest of World War II.  It seems that all but "Dog" Battery (who shipped out on Oct. 5, 1944) shipped out of Camp Kilmer, NJ on Oct. 13, 1944 heading for England. They landed in Liverpool, England on Oct. 25.  They then shipped out of Southhampton for Le Havre, France on Dec. 17, 1944.  According to my father's discharge papers, he stayed in Europe after the war until his departure on the 28th of November 1945.  He arrived back in the States on December 6, 1945 and was honorably discharged at the Separation Center at Fort Lewis, WA on the 18th of December 1945.  His rank was Sergeant Tec/4.

Chester Schliep
Chester Schliep
He never spoke too much about his time in the service and he was not much of a letter writer, so I am relying on old paperwork, newspaper articles, photos, and the Internet to complete these original documents. I have added to the various documents by inserting photographs, links to various places, and links to terminology which might not otherwise be clear.  Wherever possible, when I have taken photographs or information from the Internet, I have included the URL of the website from which it came in order to give credit where credit is due.

My name is Renee (Schliep) Winklmann, the daughter of Chet and Vivian Schliep who are both now deceased.  I currently reside in Boulder, Colorado.  This website first went online in late 2014.  If you would like to contact me, please email me at:

Renée (Schliep) Winklmann
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